Performance Gear For Marathon Runners

This post is all about gear, so if you are looking for more technique based tips, tune-in to our next post!


Marathon running is an art that encompasses mental and physical stamina. There are tons of blogs out there dedicated to the mentality of a marathon runner, but what I want to talk about today is the best performance gear to help you through each of the 26 miles you aim to conquer in your next marathon. We’ll start from the bottom up here.


Nike spent hundreds of thousands of dollars developing the Nike Zoom, training Eliud Kipchoge to break the 2-hour mark and promoting the entire event. It’s safe to say that the shoe stands the test of time and is designed to keep you running at an optimum state throughout the duration of a marathon. Nike’s made these as flexible, light and supportive as possible to give you the race-day speed you need.


I’ve seen runners use everything from top of the line tights like Rhone Gotham’s to funky Kapow Meggings at a marathon. Depending on how serious the run is either works, but there are a few things to look out for when picking the right tights to wear on race day. First, the level of compression each tight gives you will determine the looseness of your muscles. Secondly, not all fabrics are created equal, so make sure that you pick one that absorbs moisture quickly and dries off as quickly as possible to keep you feeling comfortable. For guys, design and material can also be a game changer – it is not uncommon for you to start chaffing halfway through a race and hinder your performance.


Similar to the requirements for tights, the top you choose for your mega-run should be comfortable, breathable and easy for you to move in throughout the marathon. Preference and style all depend on the time of year and your comfort level during a marathon, but we prefer sleeveless Dry-Fit shirts from Nike or Under Armour.

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Buying Your First LED Light Bar

LED Bar Lights

The LED light bar is a very popular item to be installed in vehicles because they are able to light brighter compared to the standard vehicle headlights that can only lit a few feet ahead. But choosing the right LED light bar can be confusing, even if there are only three to choose from. However, for most consumers, they are going to the best seller, even if they have little to no knowledge why they are popular in the first place. Popular is equaled to being nice and worth it, right? Being a consumer that is paying goods that will be used personally, it is your responsibility to know why one is so popular over the other.

Here are a few tips that will help you decide which LED light bar you should choose to be installed in your off-road vehicle.

Choose either floodlight or combination

There are three options you can choose from in LED light bar: spotlight, floodlight, and combination. The spotlight is able to lift up and reach a very far distance, focusing more of what is in front. Floodlight has a limited reach but is able to lit up a wide distance, making you see what’s above, more below and the sides as well. The combination is obviously the combination of spotlight and floodlight. It is also obvious that combination is the most popular option of all, because if offers the conveniences of both the spotlight and the floodlight.

The reason why these are the options to be chosen except the spotlight is because, for off-road driving, it is important to illuminate both sides of the road, as much as you want what is in front of you to be illuminated. Off road driving means the terrain can be merciless; the trails and roads can be poorly maintained and are highly likely to have obstructions along the way, such as fallen trees and rocks.

Since it will be in less populated areas, you are also highly likely to hit animals crossing the road. When you choose the LED light bar, don’t forget to look for a wide beam angle pattern that will fully illuminate both sides of the road.


Expect a lot of hits not only to your windshield but also your LED bar lights as well. Because you will be driving in rough terrain, expect a lot of slapping and hit from debris, mud, falling objects, etc., to hit your truck. It is because of this reason why you should choose a very durable LED light bar.

Just how do you judge the durability of a LED light bar? Take a look at the quality of materials that are being used in its production. Choose one from a reputable manufacturer. They should also have good reviews from their products, too.


Talking about reputation, the only way that a manufacturer’s name can be very popular is if they have gotten positive reviews from its customers. Good thing there is the internet, where you can find customers putting their honest opinion with how they find the product if it has lived up to their expectations. Most customers will just generally give an appreciation if they like the product, but others will provide details. Make sure you read them so that you can weigh your options well.

Joe Wehinger on Growing Your Business With Social

There has been no greater advertising platform for fitness coaches and athletes than social media. Gone are the days of needing to take out ads in the paper, kill yourselves over getting TV deals or incessantly sending out mailers. Social platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Youtube allow you to reach millions, establish a brand and build a business. Yet many of todays fitness athletes don’t take advantage of this opportunity, or worse, still don’t know how. In order to help you get your social media off the ground, we’ve brought in Media Consultant Joe Wehinger to Sportstec International to give our readers a few tips on Social Success.

Joe Wehinger’s Tips:

  1. Establish Credibility Early: People on social are very perceptive to the intentions of the people they come across or follow. They won’t hesitate to unfollow or call you out for being too pushy or putting out bad content. If you’re just starting on social, its important to establish your credibility early by putting out great content that serves your audience in a professional manner. On Twitter, this means putting out a link with a captivating photo without too many hashtags, and promoting it maybe once or twice. People hate seeing retweets every hour. Additionally, always answer people’s questions and comments early – good or bad. The same goes for Instagram as well – put out great photos promoting your business, but don’t go hashtag crazy and always engage your audience. Promote only good products that benefit your audience and follow these rules and your credibility will improve online.
  2. Brand Yourself Properly: As a fitness athelete, your image is your brand so don’t cheap out on the camera equipment you use. Your profile photos and branding should always be crisp and allow you to showcase your content positively. Especially today with Instagram and Youtube, every well produced photo and video is another chance for you to gain another follower and turn them into a customer in the future.

With social, there is no reason why you can’t build your fitness business today!

Getting Ready For a Fitness Photoshoot

You worked hard for your body, day in and day out. Tirelessly at the gym while others were out having fun, you were putting in the work. You decided to put yourself out there, despite the haters, and finally you get noticed. We know the feeling, and it’s great to see the fruits of your labor pay off in big ways. When you get approached for a photoshoot, you feel like you’ve made it. So how do you make sure your perfect moment is picture perfect? We sat down with an LA Production Company to get their tips on how to have a successful photoshoot. They’ve done hundreds of promotional videos with athletes and have a few tips you can take with you on your way.


Stay Pumped

The “pump”, as they call it, is what people want to see as the finished product. If you’ve ever competed, you do this right before you go on stage. You curl and push a few irons so your muscles look tight and buff. The same thing applies in a photoshoot. Make sure you stay lean – which means watching your caloric intake a few days before, and then follow that with a quick workout right before the shoot and in between takes to keep your muscles tight.

Make Up

A tan and a few strokes of make up in the right places can go a long way. This helps highlight certain muscle areas and emphasize your lean physique. Never under estimate the power of a good make up artist, so if your photoshoot doesn’t come with one, it is best that you bring one with you and let he or she work her magic.


The place will make the mood of the shoot. Choose a gym for the working angle or the outdoors for a more natural workout setting.

Why Everyone Should Workout

Do you want to get in shape? If so then you’ve made an excellent decision. Workouts can provide many benefits including greater strength, more endurance, and a better overall health. However, you should definitely consider gym workouts, which can provide the following benefits:

  1. Better health

Experts recommend that people get at least half an hour of exercise during most days of the week. There are many ways to get your exercise in, but going to the gym is definitely one of the best options. One key benefit is that it will force you to exercise during the week. Otherwise it’s much easier to put off exercising and even stop it altogether. On the other hand, when you join a gym you’re more likely to do workout sessions in order to get your money’s worth. Besides that you’re also more likely to make regular trips to the gym, which is important to achieve and maintain good fitness.

  1. Mental benefits

When we talk about the benefits of regular gym exercise we tend to focus on the physical benefits. However, regular exercise can also provide mental benefits. They include increasing oxygen flow to the brain, stress reduction, and better focus. Such benefits definitely make it advisable to do regular exercise at gyms. This will help to improve your everyday life at work, home, and so on. Besides the mental benefits you’ll also be able to enjoy many physical benefits, which will help to make your life better.

  1. Workout equipment

Exercise equipment can be very expensive, and especially units such as universal machines. So it’s another reason why you should consider working out at gyms. The cost of such equipment can be quite high, so the cost of a gym membership is much lower than purchasing a small percentage of the equipment found at gyms. The money you save can be used for workout gear or other items you need to buy.

  1. Higher motivation

Another major benefit of gym workouts is that it can help to boost motivation. That’s because there are other gym members working out then. It’s much easier to be motivated when there are other people around you also doing workouts. On the other hand, it’s tougher to be motivated when you’re working out alone at home. When you do gym workouts not only can you be motivated, but you can have some friendly competition with others at the gym. This isn’t to say that it should be your main motivation, but it can certainly help to motivate you even more to get in more exercise during the week.

  1. Financial investment

It’s also better to consider investing in a gym membership because you’ve already invested money in your health. You’ll likely want to get your money’s worth by going to the gym on a regular basis. On the other hand, it’s very easy not to spend any money to start a home workout program. However, once you join a gym you’ll likely want to recoup the costs you’ve invested in your health and fitness.

7 Best Workout Apps You Need


Do you want to improve your gym workouts? There are various methods to take. However, one of the best ones is to choose effective mobile apps. They can provide many benefits such as tracking your workouts in order to improve them. However, there are certain apps that you should definitely consider using in the gym, including the following ones:


  1. FitStar

This free app has “Basic workouts that are developed to inspire people to be more active. However, a Premium subscription provides extra program options including Get Lean and Get Strong. No equipment is required for the workouts. So you complete them when you’re at home, workout out at the gym, or traveling on the road. The first time you use the app it completes a fitness test. That will help you to get started with your particular workout plan. You can begin at an intensity level that’s ideal for you.


  1. Endomondo

This app tracks runs and other outdoor activities. It has a basic interface and good accuracy. The coaching features and training plans help to improve the experience using the app. However, they’re only available to Premium subscribers, so this is an important issue to keep in mind.



Fitbit is known for its wide range of fitness trackers. However, you can use part of the mobile app/website without owning a fitness tracker. Even without a device you can use the Fitbit pap in order log weight, count calories, record health info such as glucose levels and blood pressure. However, in the case that you own a Fitbit you have the ability to upload data collected to the mobile app through Bluetooth.


  1. Jetfit Workout

This is an excellent way to keep track of your sets/rept. You can use basic tools for making weight-lifting workouts and also tracking the details when you complete routines. It’s possible to log sets/reps, and the amount that you lifted. A calendar allows you to plan workout days/rest days. Jetfit Workout doesn’t have a lot of features, but it’s certainly effective.


  1. Digit iCardio

This app is available for iPhone and Android. It can be paired up with any heart rate monitor in order to track workouts such as runs and bike rides. The app records heart rate, and other stats including distance, pace, and time. The cost to get full use of the app ranges between $50 and $100. If you’re looking for a heart rate monitor there are various good options.


  1. Cyclemeter

This is a bicycle-ride tracking app by Abvio. It’s an iOS app that collects all sorts of data. It’s very accurate and collects a lot of data. There are many features and it’s ideal for fitness fans who participate in multiple sports. The pap can be used to track various activities including walks and runs. There’s no calorie-counting feature but it can provide a lot of data about your bicycle-riding sessions.


  1. Lose It!

The free website/app are developed for counting your calories and logging your exercise. It can help you to lose weight.

5 Power Lifting Tips To Increase Your Strength

Powerlifting Tips

Do you do power lifting but want to improve your results? The goal should generally be to get stronger faster. That means you should take certain steps to get the best results, otherwise it’s easy to get a rut, which will not produce the best results. Here are some helpful powerlifting tips:


  1. “Prehab” doesn’t have to be boring

Many powerlifters seem to think that prehab is always boring. However, there are ways to make it more interesting. One example is mace swings, although there are other types of exercises you can use which will also help to make prehab more interesting and not boring. Different powerlifters use different exercises in their prehab workouts so it’s advisable to do some research about which ones you should consider adding to your workouts. There’s no right or wrong exercises to add. However, keep in mind that the ultimate goal is to make rehab less dull.


  1. Focus on details

It’s important to focus on details during your powerlifting workouts. Such details can make a major different in the results you get. For example, there are basic changes you can make for bench presses, which can have a major improvement on the results you get. There are also issues such as staying at a particular load for a certain time. That will also help to produce better results. You should definitely do some research about how you can tweak your workouts to get better powerlifting results.

  1. Holidays shouldn’t be a day off

This isn’t to say that powerlifting workouts should be as intense on holidays. However, if you’re serious about it you should still work out on holidays in order to help keep you fit.


  1. Get better organized

There are different approaches in terms of organizing powerlifting sessions better. It’s important though that the sessions be as organized as possible. That will help to produce the best results. It will also make your workouts more efficient, which will save a ton of time. On the other hand, workouts that are less structured will result in problems such as wasted time, redundancy, and so on. It’s advisable to do some research about the different techniques you can use to make your powerlifting sessions more structured.


  1. Add more variety to powerlifting

Powerlifters sometimes get bored with their current workouts, and hope to add some variety to their sessions. One example is a bear craw that requires drawing 100-pound chains. Another one is kettlebell presses that include 70-pound weights in both hands. The actual exercises that you add to your powerlifting workouts aren’t as important as making sure that there’s more variety. This will help to prevent you from getting in a rut. Besides that it will also help to keep you motivated so you won’t dread doing your workouts. Make sure to do some research about different types of exercises to add to your workout. Besides that, you should also make sure that you put safety first and make sure you’ve received enough training before you add a particular exercise to your workout.

3 Crossfit Accessories Everyone Needs To Succeed


Do you want to maximize your CrossFit Workout of the Day WOD)? If so, then it starts with the exercises themselves. These can help you to lose weight and get fit fast. However, you can also use various types of accessories to help boost the results of your workouts. Here are some accessories that can help you to achieve that goal:

  1. Wrist Wrap

In the world of wrist wraps there aren’t many differences between them. However, there are some important issues to consider when selecting the accessory for CrossFit. Make sure that the wrist wrap is a minimum of 24” long. You can find 36” wrist wraps, but you typically won’t need 3 feet worth of wraps. This is an option you could consider but it’s not really necessary.

An important issue when choosing crossfit wrist wraps is to select a stiff wrap. Many brands claim that theirs is stiffer than other units. However, the issue is related more to the newness of the wrist wrap more than other issues. However, even old wraps can still be tight if you apply them tightly.

Keep in mind that wrist wraps can be effective for certain exercises including squats, bench press, and deadlifts. It’s also important that the wrist wraps be applied effectively in order to get the best results from them.


  1. Belt

This is one of the most important accessories for CrossFit training, and especially when you’re lifting heavy weights such as via powerlifting. There are many different issues to consider. In terms of the material, it won’t matter for lower weights. However, there are a few important issues to consider. One is the support that it provides. It’s critical that you provide enough back for your support for doing different types of belts. This is critical to help make the reps as effective as possible, and also helps to prevent injury.

Another major issue is the material you use. Leather is one of the best options in terms of support, but also tends to be less comfortable than other materials, so that’s a factor to consider. On the other hand, others prefer to use a Velcro belt as it’s much easier to adjust, and can also allow for deep breathing when you’re lifting. Make sure to do some research before you choose a particular belt.


  1. Chalk

This can be another effective accessory to use when weightlifting. The problem is that barbells in gyms are often worn, slick, and so on. The answer is to use chalk when doing weightlifting such as powerlifting. As a word of caution, chalk can help to end the need of using lifting straps. However, it’s important to keep in mind that many gyms have actually banned chalk because of the dust levels.


You can take some steps to avoid problems. Keep the chalk in a plastic container, keep the container in your gym bag if you’re allowed to carry it to different stations, rub your hands on the block rather than powder, and wipe down the bar after using it.

What Is Crossfit?


Are you looking for a way to get in shape? You might be wondering: what is CrossFit? This is an important question you should have answered. It starts with knowing what it is, so you’ll know if you’re making a wise choice. Here are some important facts about CrossFit:

  1. It’s a fitness program developed over many decades

CrossFit was developed over several decades by Greg Glassman. Glassman is the company’s founder and Chief Executive. He defined fitness in a way that’s meaningful/measureable way. He defined it as higher work capacity in terms of broad time as well as modal domains. Glassman then made a new program that was developed in order to boost a person’s fitness and health.

2. It’s different function movements done at high intensity

Each and every CrossFit workout is centered on functional movements. Such movements show the top features of running, weightlifting, gymnastics, rowing, and so on. These are core movements that people use in life. Such movements move the biggest loads at the largest distances. Thus, they’re helpful for maximizing how much work is done in a minimal amount of time.

The intensity of the workouts is important for the results. It’s measured by dividing the amount of work performed by time/power. The more work that is completed in a lower amount of time is the same as greater power output. That results in effort with more intensity. By using a varied approach that’s always changing, functional movements/intensity results in more improvements in fitness.

3. It’s designed for a universal scale

This makes it the perfect application for anyone who wants to get fit and isn’t based on their experience. CrossFit scales load/intensity and doesn’t make changes to the program. That’s because the needs of different people is based on the degree rather than the type. This is definitely a plus over other types of programs on the market. They’re usually designed for people who are at a certain fitness level.

4. The system is based on data

Using white boards as a type of score board, keeping precise scores/records, operating a clock, and defining rules/standards in terms of performance has many good results. It motivates high output and also results in relative/absolute metrics during all workouts. This data is important for various reasons including motivation.

5. CrossFit’s goal is results

CrossFit’s goal is to create general/inclusive fitness that’s supported by results that are observable, measureable, and repeatable. It helps to make trainees ready for various types of physical events. That includes ones that are known/unknown. One key of CrossFit is that it doesn’t specialize in any particular type of fitness.

6. The fitness community is important to CrossFit

The community that is created when people do CrossFit exercises together is important for why the system is very effective. It also resulted in a worldwide network of CrossFit partners that have a number greater than 11,000. Accessing natural friendship, competition, and fun of games/sports results in intensity that is unable to be unmatched by other methods or systems.